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“Master Charles’ Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation Soundtracks combine science with the ancient art of meditation…I found them to have an immediate effect, both calming and expanding, from the very first moment of hearing them…of all the meditation soundtracks I have listened to over the last few years, I have never experienced any that delivered this particular noticeable effect so quickly.”  
– Carol Kramer, Editor

Los Angeles Times

“Master Charles’ work is on the cutting edge… these soundtracks allow people to quickly experience the benefits of long-term meditation.”

CBS Morning Show

“These soundtracks meditate you.”

“I meditated the traditional way for a few years with frustrating results. As soon as I started High-Tech Meditation my meditation experience deepened into a blissful experience. This has resulted in profoundly more balance and wholeness in my life. I highly recommend this unique form of meditation to the serious spiritual seeker!”

– Deborah Anderson, Tennesse

“High-Tech Meditation, the creation of Master Charles Cannon, includes the secret element of his unified source-field. Meditating with the audio programs imbues my whole experience with his holo-dynamic technology, enabling me to embrace the joy of life: one consciousness in celebration of itself in all.”

Marie Roycroft, New Zealand

“I had taken time off work and was depressed. One day I heard a tape a friend was playing and it entrained me into a meditative state – while I was eating lunch! I soon began High-Tech Meditation. Soon, I found myself back in good health and was able to return to University. Words cannot express my gratitude!”

– Phyl Graham, Australia

High-Tech Meditation® – An Expressway to Illumination

High-Tech Meditation® was created by Master Charles Cannon in 1984 and the latest upgrade is practiced by thousands of meditators world-wide.

High-Tech Meditation® utilizes Synchronicity sonic technology to help individuals enjoy a precision meditation experience on a daily basis.

Synchronicity sonic technology utilizes comprehensive brainwave entrainment technology combined with the energy frequencies of sacred geometry. It is the leading-edge of entrainment technologies designed to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness.

High-Tech Meditation® is available in Alpha, Theta and Delta downloads and CDs that literally “meditate you,” while they:

  • Buffer out intruding, distracting sounds;

  • Balance the two sides of your brain;

  • Entrain a meditative brainwave pattern;

  • Enable a precision meditation experience every time.

High-Intermediate Brain-map

There is no substitute for the presence of a living master

Experience the power of entrainment

Wikipedia says “Brainwave entrainment, also referred to as brainwave synchronization and neural entrainment, refers to the capacity of the brain to naturally synchronize its brainwave frequencies with the rhythm of periodic external stimuli, most commonly auditory, visual, or tactile. Brainwave entrainment technologies are used to induce various brain states, such as relaxation or sleep, by creating stimuli that occur at regular, periodic intervals to mimic electrical cycles of the brain during the desired states, thereby “training” the brain to consciously altered states.”

I was listening to the meditation soundtrack …and the world utterly disappeared. There were no forms, bodies, or anything, only formless clarity and infinite Consciousness. When I finally came back to awareness of my body, I realized that I had been perfectly still for nearly three hours, almost as though my body locked in place during this time. I am not even sure if I was breathing! For weeks after I experienced a spiritual elation and the world seemed pervaded with sweetness. Everything is different now.” – SB

Know the source

Meditation programs that promise instant super-powers appeal to our impatience for results in the immediate-gratification culture. These are false claims of salesmen who convince spiritual seekers to buy their scam products.

They offer discounts and deals. But is spirituality really for sale at a bargain price?

High-Tech Meditation® is entirely different. The audio programs transmit entrainment with Master Charles Cannon, who has spent his entire adult lifetime meditating… so that you don’t have to.

Who is Master Charles Cannon?

In 1970, while still in his early twenties, Master Charles became a close disciple of Paramahansa Muktananda, one of the most well-known and highly acknowledged Eastern mystics of the modern era. From 1970-1982, Master Charles was extensively trained in orthodox, Vedic/Tantric philosophical contexts and was ordained a monk of the Vedic Order of Sannyasins, the oldest existing monastic order in the world today. His monastic name is His Holiness Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. He also served as an Ambassador for Muktananda’s tradition and appeared in a number of high-profile public venues all over the world. Throughout this time, he continued to experience a progressive expansion in his own mystical experience through the art and science of meditation and a holistic lifestyle.

Master Charles has presented programs at the World Health Organization, the National Institutes of Health, Columbia, Oxford, Monash University Australia, Tel Aviv and Bombay Universities, Westminster Abbey, the United Nations and the Vatican.

His seeming abandonment of the traditional context of spirituality in favor of a modern approach has made him one of the most innovative spiritual educators of our time. His High-Tech Meditation® program provides a unique form of personal entrainment and spiritual discipleship, ideally suited for busy lifestyles in the 21st century.

“Like the archetypal hero, Master Charles has encountered the depths and heights of his own being. He has returned from the journey a true Master, whose expanded presence is a catalyst for those lucky enough to meditate with him.”

– Marita Digney, Jungian Analyst,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“To describe Master Charles in words does not do him justice. The person and the energetic presence have to be experienced. A few moments with this enlightening Master can open windows to the soul.”

– Sharon Haase, Occupational Therapist,
Newfoundland, Canada

High-Tech Meditation® can change your life

  • Meditate more deeply than you can on your own, via audio entrainment with a living master.
  • Balance your brain and align your brainwaves into patterns similar to veteran meditators… within months.
  • Find the inner peace you’ve searched for… and learn how to extend the experience beyond meditation sessions.
  • Accelerate the expansion of your awareness as you attune to The Awakening Impulse and actualize your genius potential.
  • Sleep more deeply, enhance your well-being on all levels, and learn how to manage stress from a strong center.
  • Awaken to your destiny as you connect with Source.

Apprentice with a modern living master… through your headphones!

Experience the transformative power of High-Tech Meditation®

“Master Charles has been a kind friend and generous, challenging teacher for the 15 years I have known him. In times of my dark despair, he has given quiet support and gentle wisdom. At joyous moments, he has shared in jubilation. Through it all, my spiritual practice has grown and matured through his inspiration. As a beacon to the Great Beyond, his light has been a wonderful Source of guidance and focus. Whenever I am with him, I experience a contagious, expansive and sublime energy.”

– Michael Horwitz, M.D.
Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine

High-Tech Meditation® works with all four brainwave frequencies – Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta – each of which correlates with specific states of consciousness. To record human brainwaves, Synchronicity utilizes NeuroField Technology that has been customized to display brainwaves from 0–60 Hertz from the two cerebral hemispheres and present them side-by-side for comparison.  Serial tracings of brainwaves allow monitoring over time.

The Science Behind the Technology

Master Charles Cannon developed High-Tech Meditation® inspired by the pioneering work of C. Maxwell Cade, a scientist with a career in radiation physics for the British government. Trained to meditate when he was a child, Cade undertook pioneering research with a medical specialist, Dr Ann Woolley-Hart, researching consciousness and the meaning of brainwave patterns,. Cade married the insights of Zen Buddhism and the methods of western science. His investigations into how the mind affects physical health and his measurement of brain rhythms in Indian swamis endure as some of the most enlightening work undertaken to explore the mind/body relationship.

Understanding Brainwaves

High-Tech Meditation® works with all four brainwave frequencies — Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta — each of which correlates with specific states of consciousness.


Beta brainwave frequencies occur in the range from 14 – 24 Hz, and correspond to the typical “busy mind” experience common to most of us. The Beta frequency range is characterized by a chaotic, fragmented, unbalanced thinking typical of left-brain dominance, commonly referred to as the “monkey mind.”


The beginning of balanced brainwave activity occurs in the Alpha frequency range, between 8 -13 Hz. Alpha brainwaves are very often produced in bursts (trains of waves) or pulses (single waves), but experienced meditators tend to produce continuous trains of alpha waves. By looking at an  individual’s alpha brainwave production, it is possible to determine not only whether they are a meditator but also the length of time they have been practicing meditation. The more alpha waves that a person is able to produce in ordinary states of consciousness, the easier it is for them to access deeper meditative states. Alpha waves may occur when you are sitting or reclining with your eyes closed, and you may experience:

  • Being vividly awake with a sense of relaxation and focus;
  • A relatively stress-free and euphoric state of being;
  • A mildly “altered” state of consciousness.


In the Theta frequency range, between 3.5 – 7 Hz, balanced brainwave activity increases. The Theta state corresponds to the experience of visionary, creative and intuitive levels of experience. It is characterized by “inner” images and visions that correlate with increased theta activity. At this stage, the meditator is likely to experience:

  • A blissful sense of well-being plus expanding holistic awareness;
  • A synchronized state of consciousness in which creativity and imagery dominate.


The Delta frequency range, between 0 – 3.5Hz, brings a level of balance that corresponds to the “beyond the mind” experience at the subtlest levels of meditative awareness possible. This is the range in which meditators experience what is called unified consciousness (unity with all things). Deepened experience in the Delta range generates:

  • Deep peace and contentment;
  • A sense of timelessness;
  • Happiness for no reason other than simply being alive.

Synchronicity offers an at-home meditation correspondence course called The Recognitions Program which utilizes the Delta level of sonic entrainment technology.

A Personal Word from
Master Charles Cannon

Meditation is all about the
mastery of the mind…

The mind, by default, will automatically wander into its illusory polarity of negativity. It thinks incessantly, regurgitating data when it is left non-focused. Meditation interrupts the wandering mind to gradually culture the experience of dominant thoughtlessness and resultant balance.

Random thinking has become deeply habitual. Beginning meditators are confronting eons of this automatic wandering mind. The remedy is not to try and still the mind but to watch what’s happening, being a wakeful witness. Over time, this deepens the meditation, generating longer periods of stillness in relationship to noise and more consistent balance. Ultimately, the meditative state becomes your constant state. That is the evolutionary process.

Today, we are bombarded 24/7 with frequencies that our ancestors never had to deal with. All our High-Tech Meditation® audio programs buffer out the noise, while they balance the brain. We apply the latest brain enhancement technology to create balance between the two sides of the brain, a virtual hemispherical synchronization.

Progression in meditation takes time to unfold. Begin with several minutes a day and gradually expand to 30 minutes or an hour if you can. With regular practice, your brain retains the balance between the right and left hemispheres and consistently maintains that pattern in the midst of whatever is happening in your life.

Ultimately, meditation becomes an experience of sublime and constant balance in your life. You are simply wakeful and consistently present in the here and now of true holistic reality.

Master Charles Cannon

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